Google Cloud Certification Guide


Google Cloud Certification Guide

Google Cloud offer a number of cloud certification options that individuals can get to validate their cloud knowledge and skill set, while helping them advance in their careers and broaden the scope of their achievements. Between the different PaaS specific, role-based (such as dev. or architect) or domain focused certifications, CSPs have numerous options available to help you bring more value to your organization as you keep up with the new business demands and continue to challenge yourself and grow with this world. With these certifications, you are more likely to achieve business goals thanks to your proficiency in specific areas — and benefit from an extra edge on your resume in your next job search.

GCP Certifications

Google offers three different levels of available certifications:

User certification — intended for individuals with experience using G Suite and determines an individual’s ability to use core collaboration tools.

  • Recommended experience: Completion of Applied Digital Skills training course and G Suite Essentials quest, and 1+ months on G Suite.

Associate certification — focused on the fundamental skills of deploying, monitoring, and maintaining projects on Google Cloud.

  • This certification is a good starting point for those new to cloud and can be used as a path to professional level certifications.
  • Recommended experience: 6+ months building on Google Cloud

Professional certification — span key technical job functions and assess advanced skills in design, implementation, and management.

  • These certifications are recommended for individuals with industry experience and familiarity with Google Cloud products and solutions.
  • Recommended experience: 3+ years of industry experience, including 1+ years on Google Cloud


GCP Associate Cloud Engineer

GCP Associate Cloud Engineer Exam Dumps

  • Exam Dumps:
  • Intended for individuals that can deploy applications, monitor operations, and manage enterprise solutions.
  • Individuals display an ability to use the Google Cloud Console and the command-line interface to perform common platform-based tasks to maintain one or more deployed solutions that leverage Google-managed or self-managed services on Google Cloud.
  • Individuals display an ability to set up a cloud solution environment, plan and configure a cloud solution, deploy and implement a cloud solution, ensure successful operation of a cloud solution, and configure access and security.

GCP Professional Cloud ArchitectGCP Professional Cloud Architect Exam Dumps

  • For individuals that enable organizations to leverage Google Cloud technologies.
  • These individuals can design, develop, and manage secure, scalable, and highly available solutions that drive business objectives.
  • Individuals display an ability to design and plan a cloud solution architecture, manage and provision the cloud solution infrastructure, design for security and compliance, analyze and optimize technical and business processes, manage implementations of cloud architecture, and ensure solution and operations reliability.
  • Exam Dumps:

GCP Professional Cloud DeveloperGCP Professional Cloud Developer

  • These individuals build scalable and highly available applications using Google recommended practices and tools that leverage fully managed services.
  • Have experience with next generation databases, runtime environments, and developer tools.
  • Have proficiency with at least one general purpose programming language and are skilled in using Stackdriver.
  • Individuals display an ability to design highly scalable, available, and reliable cloud-native applications, build and test applications, deploy applications, integrate Google Cloud Platform services, and manage application performance monitoring.
  • Exam Dumps:

GCP Professional Data EngineerGoogle Cloud Professional Data Engineer

  • Intended for individuals that enable data-driven decision making by collecting, transforming, and publishing data.
  • Individuals should be able to design, build, operate, manage, and monitor secure data processing systems.
  • Individuals display an ability to design data processing systems, build and operationalize data processing systems, operationalize machine learning models, and ensure solution quality.
  • Exam Dumps:


GCP Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer

  • Individuals are responsible for efficient development operations that can balance service reliability and delivery speed.
  • Individuals are expected to be skilled in using Google Cloud Platform to build software delivery pipelines, deploy and monitor services, and manage and learn from incidents.
  • Individuals display an ability to apply site reliability engineering principles to a service, optimize service performance, implement service monitoring strategies, build and implement CI/CD pipelines for a service, and manage service incidents.

GCP Professional Cloud Security Engineer

  • Intended for individuals that enable organizations to design and implement a secure infrastructure on Google Cloud Platform.
  • They are expected to have a thorough understanding of security best practices and industry security requirements.
  • These individuals design, develop, and manage a secure infrastructure leveraging Google security technologies and should be proficient in all aspects of Cloud Security.
  • Individuals display an ability to configure access within a cloud solution environment, configure network security, ensure data protection, manage operations within a cloud solution environment and ensure compliance.

GCP Professional Cloud Network EngineerGCP Professional Cloud Network Engineer Exam Dumps

  • Intended for individuals who implement and manage network architectures in Google Cloud Platform.
  • These individuals ensure successful cloud implementations using the command line interface or the Google Cloud Platform Console.
  • Individuals display an ability to design, plan, and prototype a GCP Network, implement a GCP Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), configure network services and implement hybrid interconnectivity.
  • Exam Dumps:

Professional Collaboration Engineer

  • Intended for individuals that transform business objectives into tangible configurations, policies, and security practices as they relate to users, content, and integrations.
  • Individuals use tools, programming languages, and APIs to automate workflows.
  • Individuals display an ability to plan and implement G Suite authorization and access, manage user, resource, and Team Drive lifecycles, manage mail, control and configure G Suite services, configure and manage endpoint access, monitor organizational operations and advance G Suite adoption and collaboration.

G Suite User — User Certification

  • This certification lets employers know that you possess the digital skills to work collaboratively and productively in a professional environment, complete common workplace activities using cloud-based tools to create and share documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and files.

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